ATCUD: Full Table of Contents

The unique document code (ATCUD) is a code that enables a document to be uniquely identified, regardless of its issuer, the type of document, and the serial being used.

Learn all about it here:

1. Step by Step Guide to Create and Register Sequences

2. What is the ATCUD

3. What has changed compared to the former way of issuing documents

4. When does it become mandatory?

5. Which type of documents must contain the ATCUD

6. If you don't register a Sequence

7. Synchronization with the AT (Tax Authority)

8. What do the sequence statuses mean?

9. Which are the types of Sequences

10. Which are the statuses of the Sequences Registration

11. Received an error when registering the sequence?

12. What we are going to add still

13. Legal Links

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