Which are the statuses of the Sequences Registration

The sequence registration status is a denomination adopted by InvoiceXpress to characterize the different situations that may occur.

Not Registered

There are two instances in which the status of the registry remains as “Not Registered”:

1.The sequence predates the ATCUD functionality, or during the creation of the series it was chosen only to “Save” the series, and not “Save and Register”.

2. There was some sort of error during the sequence registration, and therefore the sequence was not registered. In these cases, a new attempt at registration cannot be made, although the series can be used. However, if used, it won't contain the ATCUD on the issued documents.


All document types belonging to this sequence were successfully registered.


During registration one or more types of documents failed, and a new attempt to register them cannot be made. The series can only be used if all document types have been successfully registered. This means that, if you have a sequence that is partially registered, you should not use it to issue documents: the way to correct this situation is to create and register a new series. To do so, follow step 3 of our step-by-step guide to create and register series.

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