Step by Step Guide to Create and Register Sequences

Step 1 - Setting up your data on the portal

The first step is to ensure the conditions for InvoiceXpress to register sequences through an authorized user. 

Therefore, all you need to do is:

1️⃣ Go to

i) If you already have a user, just check the option "WSE - Comunicação e Gestão de Séries por webservice" as one of the authorized operations:

ii) If you don't have a user, just create one and check the option "WSE - Comunicação e Gestão de Séries por webservice" as one of the authorized operations:

2️⃣ Submit

Step 2 - Set up your InvoiceXpress account

To create sequences and to have the option to register, the connection to AT (Tax Authority) must be set up. With the 1st step completed, it's time to configure the AT Communication in InvoiceXpress. The process is simple:

1️⃣ Access the sequences management page in order to start the process. In the Account Preferences → Documents, select the option “Sequences'’.

2️⃣ Click “ Configuration” on "Communication with AT":

i) If you have the Automatic Communication credentials for AT set up, you can use them or enter new credentials. Then click "Save"

ii) If you do not have the credentials for Automatic Communication with the AT set up, enter the Sub-user and Password data and click "Save".

3️⃣ Credentials are entered and sequences registration can be performed during the sequence creation.

Step 3 - Create and register a new sequence, or register an existing sequence

After configuring the communication with the Tax Authority (step 2), only the last part of the configuration is missing: the creation and registration of new series, or the registration of already existing series.

This last step depends only on the user's preference. You can choose to create and register new series to start invoicing in these new series, or register already existing series, so that you can continue to invoice on those.
i) To create a new sequence:
1 - In the Sequences menu (top right corner icon > Account Preferences > Sequences), click the Create New Series button. Before proceeding to this step, you must have the Communication with AT in Connection as Active.
2 - Choose the name for the new sequence. If you intend to use this new sequence as the default one (for all new invoices to be issued, by default, in this series), activate the option Use this Sequence by default. At the end, click on the Save and Register button.
ii) To register an existing sequence:
To register a sequence that already exists and already has documents issued, just click on the " Register Sequence" button available after clicking on the sequence you want to register, and thus start inserting the ATCUD in all Documents issued from that date onwards.
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