What do the sequence statuses mean?

The sequences can show one of the three statuses listed below:


It is a sequence in which the communication to the AT (Tax Authority) has been cancelled, due to the fact that this sequence was previously reported by mistake. This nullification can only be made on the day it was communicated or on the next day, and only for a series that has not yet been used. The cancellation of series must be carried out on the AT Portal.


It is a sequence that was valid for a set of documents, but that will no longer be used after the last reported document. The series completion must be done through the AT Portal.


In this first stage, and until the implementation of ATCUD in tax documents is mandatory, InvoiceXpress considers as Active the series that were or were not registered, through their reporting to the AT, during their creation. As of January 1, 2023, this status will refer to the series that were registered through their communication to the AT, so that a unique series validation code is assigned.

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