New Estimates Listing Page

With the new Estimates listing page, we wanted to harmonize the needs of our customers with a vision of the future of InvoiceXpress. We focused on 5 fundamental pillars:

  1. Better performance;
  2. Better user experience;
  3. Speed;
  4. More useful features;
  5. More utilities for greater simplicity.

Search, Filters, Utilities and Favorites


  • Possibility of searching by VAT number (NIF).
  • More accurate results. When searching for “Sushi Restaurant” only documents containing the terms “Restaurant” and “Sushi” will appear.


  • You can now use the filters to find documents in a more precise way
  • Existing filters:
    • Clients - View documents from one or more specific customers;
    • Status - View documents by documents status (draft, finalized, etc.) and archive  status;
    • Type - View documents by type;
    • Dates - View documents by Issue Date or Valid Date;
    • Values - View documents by value;
  • You can use only one or several filters at the same time.
  • With each new filter, the summary is updated.


  • Document selection system with renewed and improved logic.
  • Possibility of ordering documents by:
    • Document Status (draft, final, etc.)
    • Document number;
    • Document Type;
    • Customer (customer’s name);
    • Date (document creation date);
    • Valid date;
    • Value;
    • ⇧ Descending order;
    • ⇩ Ascending order;
  • Possibility to view 10, 20, 40 or 80 results per page.
  • Possibility to view Values with or without VAT.


  • Possibility to save search terms or filters.
  • Ideal for recurring actions. Example: this month estimates for a given customer.
  • Predefined favorites:
    • Overdue Estimates - List of all the estimates with a valid date expired until today (dynamic);
    • Open Estimates - List of all the estimates with an Open Status;
    • Closed Estimates - List of all the estimates with an Open Status;

Listing and Summary


  • Document status information is more visible.
  • More clarity in the information.
  • Direct download of the PDF file by clicking on the icon.
  • Responsive.


  • Documents with non-accounting status for isolated VAT (drafts and canceled)
  • More structured information.
  • Better visual hierarchy.

Group Actions

When selecting 1 or more documents you can perform the following actions:

  • Select all the documents from the list, including those not visible on the page.
  • Perform utility actions:
    • Archive document(s);
    • Unarchive document(s);
    • Download PDF - Direct download of up to 10 selected documents;
    • Export - Exportation of a list to a CSV file;
    • Delete document(s);
  • The fact that you view one or more options as inactive means that the condition of the document does not match the rules for activating the action.
  • Performance up to 100 times faster.
  • Possibility to export a CSV file with items included.
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